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Thread: Disable Indexing Service on Windows Vista

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    Disable Indexing Service on Windows Vista

    Indexing Service Is Useful For Retrieving Information From a Set of Documents and organize them in a manner that will be accessed easily and quickly with the search function of Windows Vista, This service uses a very large consumption of system resources! If you do not use this Find feature of Vista, then you can choose to disable this service.

    1. First open the Control Panel: Start, then Control Panel.

    2. Click on Administrative Tools, and if the icon is not present, move the panel to "Classic View". Finally, click on Services.

    3. If you can not find the "console management services", Press the Windows key and the R key. The console "Run" opens, type services.msc in the console and do OK

    4. In the console "management services" in the search column name: the Windows Search entry.

    5. Make a right click on Windows Search and Select Properties.

    6. In the new window, choose Disabled in "Startup Type". Then click the Stop button in the "Service status".

    7. Complete the Process by clicking Apply.

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    Re: Disable Indexing Service on Windows Vista

    hello , You Can Also Disable indexing service on a particular harddisk by this method

    • Click on the My Computer Icon on Desktop
    • Then Right click on the hard drive on Which You want disable indexing
    • Select Properties From the contextual menu.
    • Mow Click on General tab if it’s not already selected.
    • Uncheck the check box for Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching option.
    • Click OK, and wait for the index removal process to complete, which may take a few minutes.

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