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Thread: Solution for System error 5 - Access Denied

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    Solution for System error 5 - Access Denied

    1. General Information

    A system error 5 in the network is commonly referred to as "access violation" defined.

    This means that the currently used account on the target computer is either not known or do not have appropriate permissions to execute the desired action. Microsoft offers the following information: KB 555644

    2. Prerequisites to the home network

    Before I deal with the description of the solution begin, I would like to briefly exclude some basic errors and basic assumptions to the home network are:

    1. The PCs are in the same workgroup.
    2. The PCs can ping each other.
    3. There have been no network drives from one of the PCs connected to the other.
    4. The guest accounts on both PCs (initially) be disabled.
    5. It exists on any of the two PCs have an identical user account with same password.

    If you ever discover a discrepancy here, for example, when working, you should first remove these alleged errors.

    3. Solutions to repair system error 5

    I will be in the description of the problem between the two cases differ:

    1. Base case: Win XP Home -> Win XP Home
    2. Advanced: Win XP Home / Pro -> Win XP Pro

    Because Windows XP Home from the nature really is not for the network was designed so that we catch as the base case, since the error sources are fairly limited.

    Please note that the error sources of the base case as well as the extended case may apply.

    So please check these first two points before the problem unnecessarily complicated.

    1. Base case: Win XP Home -> Win XP Home

    The simplest possible case is that you have forgotten the Network Installation Wizard. Get this, and make sure the same workgroup and select the file and printer sharing enabled.

    Another not so obvious source of error may represent a firewall. Make sure that the Windows firewall is disabled and you need UNINSTALLING also their third-party firewall. I have the Comodo firewall and used the setting to "Allow all" set, which actually any type of network traffic should be admitted.

    However, I in my search found that there is something not quite so smooth running and the firewall is still "work" has. After I had uninstalled the firewall (and no other changes were made to the system), I was able to share without any problems on the computer.

    2. Advanced: Win XP Home / Pro -> Win XP Pro

    Another very simple solution would be on the other computer user with the same name and password. This I recommend for security reasons but only if both computers exclusively used by you for you or it does not matter if someone else in the home network, the password for your PC.

    Keep in mind though, that only users with exactly the same to the other computer can be accessed.

    Short illustrated with an example: If you are on the accounting with WinXP Pro users "Mama," "Papa" and "Mark" have created. On your laptop normal log in with user name "Zoe" on. Now you want from your laptop to the data from the accounting access. Then you could use the laptop to a new user "Mark" (with the same password) and create with this accounting on the access. The user has Zoe but still no access to the shares of accounting. Also could you then at any time, even on the accounting with the username and Markus Sign out what Markus for new images and documents, etc.

    When accessing a Windows XP Pro computers can also be the unintended Group Policy problems.

    Here I have two sources of error can make: Run the command under Detailed from secpol.msc.

    You are now under Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options.

    Find here the entry Accounts: Guest account status we make sure that the status is "enabled".

    Now go to the Security Settings menu -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment.

    Look here at the end of the list and access from the network on this computer refuse.

    If the user is visiting here listed, you should delete it.

    When all points of the manual (and conditions) are observed, you should use the system error 5 removed.

    If someone still another source of errors found, please post about this.

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    Re: Solution for System error 5 - Access Denied


    Microsoft itself says in Windows Help (Vista): "you will always be able to connect to any computer on the same subnet regardless of the workgroup names. Working groups are there to group, not in order to allow a connection.

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