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Thread: Settings to Connect Dreambox to PC

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    Settings to Connect Dreambox to PC

    To configure your DreamBox for network access :

    The first thing to do after each update of the image is (re) configure the network. For do this, enter the menu "Configuration" - "Network" of DreamBox Menu-> Setup-> Expert Setup-> Communication setup-> Here is the information to include:

    To change these settings you must uncheck the DHCP top right

    a) IP xxx
    b) Netmask: 255.255.255. 0
    c) Nameserver:
    d) Gateway:

    e) [x] Configure Network

    a) IP is the address you give your DreamBox. My advice is to choose a address starting with, because this type of address is "private" and does found neither on the net or on a server e-mail etc ... If you have no idea Take for example

    b) Netmask: without going into details is the correct default value.

    c) Nameserver: If you have an internet provider, enter the IP address of the DNS server if you do know not enter the ip of your modem-router if you have one, or your PC if you not have one. Otherwise, should be

    d) Gateway: if you use a broadband router or a PC connected to internet and you want your DreamBox accesses the net enter the address of the router or should agree.

    e) do not forget to check the "Configure Network", otherwise nothing works.

    SAVING THE CONFIGURATION. Now your DreamBox should be detected.

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    Re: Settings to Connect Dreambox to PC

    Some useful information: -

    - If you use a HUB 10/100 or 100, the type of cable used is the same as that used to connect other machines to HUB.
    - If you only have one machine that uses an ethernet card to connect to the net, it may be that you need a crossover cable to connect your Dreambox. Unfortunately, there is no for this scenario of universal panacea. Must be tested ...
    - If you use a DHCP server, you can leave the box checked in the DHCP menu.

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    Re: Settings to Connect Dreambox to PC

    Hi to all on forum

    My dreambox was working fine until my internet went down and had to reboot everything. Internet was restored and I went in to my dreambox communication settings where my ip addresses had changed. I altered dhcp to allow me to change back my settings to:

    dreambox: 192.168.0.x

    These worked well before, but now when I go to save settings the nameserver changes imediately to: which means my network dosen't work.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: Settings to Connect Dreambox to PC

    Maybe there is issue while you are configuring your network. so i will suggest you to reconfigure your Network once again. Maybe the network where not accepting your IP.If you infrequently append devices toward your network' donít make use of dhcp on your Dreambox or else the Dreambox address possibly will change and you will have complexity finding the Dreambox from your pc.

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