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Thread: Vertically Selection of Text in MS Word

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    Vertically Selection of Text in MS Word

    How many times do you select text, cut and paste in Microsoft Word. I do it hundreds of times over a week. But I always select a line or two and the selection is always horizontal.

    Users are more accustomed to horizontally selecting texts in lines, paragraphs etc, and when it comes to a vertical selection, most of them have no clue about it.

    If you often need to use Microsoft Word for writing documents, you've probably come across the situation where you needed to delete the beginning of each line in a list, especially if you are reformatting a document or dealing with text pasted from another source. So here we have a tip to make vertical selection like this :

    The tip is very easy and requires nothing.To make a vertical selection, hold down the ALT key as you drag the mouse pointer to select the text. If you want to select the first word on each line, hold down the ALT key and drag the mouse pointer up or down to highlight each word.

    Thats it...

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    Re: Vertically Selection of Text in MS Word

    This tip is very useful in many cases like to bold the first word on each line,cut, copy, or just delete the selection.

    Thanks for the tip friend !!

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    Re: Vertically Selection of Text in MS Word

    Thank you for that tip.

    It is something I will use from time to time instead of doing it the ‘hard way’.

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    Re: Vertically Selection of Text in MS Word

    Great tip! I very often work with lists of people that I want to import into a database after a seminar or conference, and a lot of the time it’s an unformatted mess that would otherwise need to be cut and pasted.

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