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Thread: No Restart Required After New Software Intallation

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    No Restart Required After New Software Intallation

    When we install a new application, we need to restart our system to get the application totally work. It take huge time. Well, many people don't want to restart their computers after installing a new software especially when their computers are slow since it takes huge time. When a modification is made to the registry, such as when installing new software, you are instructed to restart the computer. Well, you don't have to any more.

    TO avoid restarting your system, try this:-
    1. Bring up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del

    2. Select explorer.exe in the Processes tab

    3. Click the End Process button on the bottom right; all windows, the taskbar and desktop icons disappear! but don't panic...our friend Task Manager is still there

    4. In menu, click File, New Task (Run...)

    5. Type explorer and press Enter (this reloads the explorer.exe process AND the registry!)

    Hence you would never want to restart your computer after installation of a new software.

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    Re: No Restart Required After New Software Intallation

    Nice tip... It save the time !! Thanks..

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    Re: No Restart Required After New Software Intallation

    its great tutorial but i think we must restart the system for better performance of the app

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