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Thread: Create “Shutdown” And “Restart” Desktop Icons in Windows XP / Vista

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    Create “Shutdown” And “Restart” Desktop Icons in Windows XP / Vista

    Here i will present you how to create the Shutdown and Restart Desktop icon in the Windows XP and in the windows Vista.

    Creating “Shutdown” and “Restart” desktop icons makes it a one click process to either shutdown or restart your system.

    In windows, there is shutdown.exe which is the responsible exe file which handles shutting down and rebooting of your Personal Computer. Here’s how you can create “Shutdown” and “Restart” desktop icons for your Windows XP and / or Vista:

    Follow the steps in order to do the same:

    1. First create a shortcut on the desktop, this can be done by -> right click on empty location on desktop –> click new and select shortcut.
    2. New Dialog box will open which will ask for the location you needless to set the location by using Browse option just Set the location to “shutdown -f -s -t 0” in the location text box for Shutdown.
    3. Create another new shortcut location and fallow the same step as above and set the location to “shutdown -f -r -t 0” in the location text Box for Restart
    4. It will ask for the Second option for Rename,just make it as Shutdown and Restart respectively.
    5. Select OK.

    ***Remember you should not put the quotes when setting the location, in both the cases for Shutdown and Restart.

    You are all set now. Double clicking on those shortcuts will execute respective action.

    Enjoy this tweaking...

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    Re: Create “Shutdown” And “Restart” Desktop Icons in Windows XP / Vista

    Thanks this is really useful and it absolutely working fine,even i also suggested the same thing to all of friends and they are also appreciating it.

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