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Thread: Create a Custom Theme Pack in Windows 7

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    Create a Custom Theme Pack in Windows 7


    Windows 7 has best look and feel as compared to windows vista. One thing which I really liked about windows 7 is possibility of personalizing and customizing windows 7 with our own custom themes. Well donít guess that creating custom windows 7 themes is geeky task but its far simple then previous windows operating system.

    Following are the steps for it.

    1. Right-click on the Desktop and choose Personalize.
    2. Customize the following items:

      • Desktop Wallpaper
      • Desktop Slideshow
      • Icons for various special folders
      • Mouse Pointers
      • Screensaver and timeout settings
      • Window Color
      • Sounds
      • Window Metrics

    3. In the Personalization page, click Save theme.
    4. In the Save as type drop down, select Theme Pack (*.themepack)
    5. Type a file name and press ENTER

    The saved Theme Pack contains the .theme file and additional elements needed to implement the theme. To apply the theme in another computer, transfer the .themepack file to the target computer and simply double click the file.

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    Re: Create a Custom Theme Pack in Windows 7

    There is one more method of doing it by downloading Theme pack.

    1. Download and save a .themepack file of your choice to your desktop.
    2. You will notice that this .themepack file is now your current theme and has been added to the Personalization window under My Themes.

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    Re: Create a Custom Theme Pack in Windows 7

    Thanks for providing this tips it's very good,but i have question how can i delete a theme which i don't want.

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    Re: Create a Custom Theme Pack in Windows 7

    For Deleting a theme you need to follow below steps:-

    1. Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize.
    2. Select another theme other than the one that you want to delete in the My Themes section.
    3. Right click on the theme in the My Themes section that you want to delete, and click on Delete Theme.
    4. Click on Yes to confirm the deletion.
    5. When done, close the Personalization window.

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