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Thread: How to watch movies in MS PAINT

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    How to watch movies in MS PAINT

    You can watch movies in MS paint.Unbelievable but true. I know we all used MS Paint way back in win 98 era and its kinda useless now but still it can be used atleast for watching movies. Here's how:-

    1) Open your favorite movie palyer and play the movie (e.g .dat in wmplayer)

    2) Hit "PrintScreen", keep playing the movie in the player, dont pause or stop it.

    3) Open MsPaint.

    4) Select "Edit>Paste" Or press "CTRL+V"

    5) Thats it! You can watch movies in Paint!

    But there are no Pause, Next, Previous, Stop etc. buttons.

    Note that you still have to keep the video playing in the player in the background. So this isnít a standalone trick but nevertheless does the job.

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    Re: How to watch movies in MS PAINT

    Wow!! Thats nice trick. Ms Paint can be used for watching movies. Sounds Strange but good.

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    Re: How to watch movies in MS PAINT

    How it is possible to watch movies in ms paint?

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