Today, there are SD cards or mini-SD with a capacity of 2GB, or 4GB, at very affordable prices. What embark on his phone a dozen films for entertainment in transit! With CloneDVD Mobile, without doubt the most simple and quickest to convert DVD to mobile format, you will easily transfer your DVD into a format suitable for display and multimedia performance to your Smartphone.

Step 1
Compatible with the extension of universal reading from AnyDVD comes a same publisher called CloneDVD mobile SlySoft which is a software to transfer DVD movies to other formats for private use only in a family. This software was not designed to create pirate copies of films. You must own the video or film you want to transfer. Remember, for all practical purposes, that piracy of music or film is prohibited and that violators face prosecution. Piracy kills creativity works!

Step 2
The explanations that follows cover specific settings for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

1. Choice profile. At launch, the software offers you a tree list of compatible devices. Deploy branch called Other Devices and click on Windows Mobile Smartphone. This setting is valid for both authentic Smartphones for the "Pocket PC". Click Next to confirm your selection.

2. Select the drive, then the track containing the film. Click Next.

3. Select English or whatever you want as the language and turn Off as subtitle. Click Next.

4. Select the 320x240 resolution. Some older devices have a lower resolution of 220x176 pixels, also available in the menu of resolutions. This resolution is also recommended for square screen devices 220x220 pixels.

5. Traditionally, one uses a video bit rate of around 420 Kbps for Smartphones. This flow is too high for devices with processors very energy efficient. Then opt for a throughput of 320 Kbps. Anyway, for all speeds below 720 Kbps, it is recommended to use a three pass encoding for better returns.

6. In Letterbox Zoom menu select Full.

7. Set the location and output file name and enter a title. To expedite processing, it is preferable to achieve the creation of the video file on the hard disk of your PC, then transfer to a memory card that you insert into the phone.

8. Click [GO!] and you are done.

Download CloneDVD Mobile