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Thread: Convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or JPG Format

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    Convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or JPG Format


    In our buissness and regular school or college work we use computer software application for creating a document in word, notepd, office, excel etc. We sometimes have a possible work in pdf fromat or we recieve a file into pdf format and for that we have to sepeartely install a pdf software in order to view that particular file.

    One common question taht we all have is there any way to convert a PDF file to any preinstalled apllication accepting format such as Microsoft Word format (doc), Excel format (xls), or JPG picture format. Mostly we do have a knowledge about converting a file to PDF, but is it possibel to convert back into some other format or some other way. Thus if you go through this tip, Conversion to Word format is actually pretty simple and can be done with the help of an online file converter service known to be Zamzar. Thus converting into Excel or JPG is also just a two step process, but nothing very difficult to understand.

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    Re: Convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or JPG Format

    TYPE 2: Convert a PDF file to JPG Format:

    Visit to, the official web site for this product and search for your file and then choose PNG format in order to format to convert to below.

    PNG is another type of picture format which will slowly replace the JPG format. Maximum programs application are opened in JPG file format can also be opened PNG file format. Zamzar as an online software apllication will automatically convert each and every page in the PDF document format into it’s own PNG picture file fromat. Now you are able to easily open Microsoft Paint and try to select File and then select Save As from the menu available and select JPEG in the drop down list of formats available.

    TYPE 1:Convert PDF to JPG Format

    Initial thing you need to follow is to download a free software which converts PDF documents format to JPEG image format just like that. Just visit the Omniformat download site and download Omniformat version 8.3 and the PDF995 application both from this site. You will also need to download and install PDF995 initially before installing Omniformat software. As you are done with installation of these both programs, just click on your Start Menu and then select programs, and then search for the program name Software995 and then click on Omniformat software.

    The only nerve racking point of this program is that it makes you view some of the advertisements for approximately 30 seconds. But i may suugest you it is the better part then spending $20 or $40 for a small program application just for doing a simple conversion. It also does popup some other instance of your web browser window related to the web site of each sponsors, but it will not make you install any spyware on your computer. As the program is installed, you have to check for a section called “Watch Folders” and then for a button just at the bottom which is titled “Start Monitoring” and “Single Pass“.

    The basic way of working of this software is you just have to COPY the PDF files where you exactly require to convert JPG format to the C:\omniformat\watch folder and then click Single Pass. The program will search in that particular directory and then try to convert each and every single page of each PDF format into a separate JPG file format. If you select Start Monitoring option, then you have to keep dropping PDF's format into that particular folder and the program will by itself convert the files into JPEG format till the program is kept open. Also keep in mind that the program will DELETE the original PDF document format which it uses, so that’s the reason you need to COPY the PDF document format in order to the watch folder,and not to move it. You also have to check that converted files just like given below:

    DOWNLOAD OmniFormat


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    Re: Convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or JPG Format

    TYPE 1Convert your PDF to a Word document

    VISIT official site and then click on the Browse button available just beside Step 1 and select your file. By default, Step 2 will be automatically set on DOC format, but you are also able to select or convert a PDF file format to other file types such as TXT, HMTL, RTF, etc. For that just Type your email address in Step 3 and then click Convert.

    You will be receiving an e-mail in a few minutes consisting a download link in that e-mail on which your converted file is availble. I have made a try regarding this service for complex PDF documents format which consist of text in many columns, many images, etc and also have been very much satisfied with it’s conversion accuracy.

    TYPE 2Convert a PDF File to Excel Format

    You have to again follow the similar steps as above given using Zamzar website, but this time select TXT as the conversion format to convert to. You will not be able to convert directly to Excel format, so you have to go through the TXT format option. As you download the TXT file format and save it at a known location at your computer, just open Microsoft Excel application and go to File and then Open and select change the Files of Type combo box to All Files.

    As you observe that the converted text file is in the available list of files. Select it and then click Open. Now You will be located to the Text Import Wizard. You just have to open the file in the below provided way as if you go just by right clicking and ask to Open With Excel, the entire text for each row will just occur in the first column and will not get separated.

    For Step 1, Select Delimited as per the two options listed.

    Just Select Next and try to check the Space of the check box from the delimiters. Each value provided now is separated through a vertical line, which indicates it’s working in a separate column.

    Just Click on Next and then click on Finish. You have to save the file in an Excel file format by moving in to File then click on Save As. There are some disadvantages, as this conversion will not work perfectly. Consider an example, that the original Excel sheet has a column where some text with spaces are included, each word will then be separated into it’s seperate own column. To add more you will not able to view formula or functions which may have been included in the original Excel sheet, only the text.

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    Re: Convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or JPG Format

    It’s very simple as that! You can try many other image editing programs such as Photoshop, Corel, etc, but I will select Microsoft Paint as it is universally available and accepted on every Windows computer.

    Any questions, post a comment!

    Please let me know your opinions regarding this article.

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    Re: Convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or JPG Format

    hello si this is sreenu from Hyderabad

    i had a dought of this is that if we use this

    software to Convert a PDF file to Word, then the coading

    will change or not i heard that some company systems will

    reject the work,
    reply me plzzzzzzzz

    thank u sir
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