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Thread: How to transfer and watch videos on your IPod

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    How to transfer and watch videos on your IPod

    You can easily transfer and play video files on your I-Pod, simply transfer the videos required in the platform I-Tunes and download it in your I-Pod. The procedure is given in detailed below.

    Download video on your computer
    You must first download the video to your computer. Once saved, drag the file in I-Tunes, in the video menu. Your video file is then converted to be read by I-Tunes.

    Transfer to Ipod
    Once the file is moved into I-Tunes and converted, drag the file menu in the I-Pod from I-Tunes. Your I-Pod will then display the message "Sync in progress." Your video file will be transferred only when the message "Sync in progress" will no longer appear on the screen of the I-Pod.

    Play the video on the IPod
    Once you disconnect your I-Pod from I-Tunes, turn it on and go to the "Videos". You will only have to select the video you want to view and press the play button.

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    Re: How to transfer and watch videos on your IPod

    thanx a lot

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