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Thread: How to Delete Chat History Yahoo Messenger?

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    How to Delete Chat History Yahoo Messenger?

    Hello, I recently found out that whatever you type in yahoo messenger is stored in it database and it can view anytime, please help me as i dont want anybody to check my chat history please give me some tips to delete or clear my chat history in yahoo messenger? Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to Delete Chat History Yahoo Messenger?

    Most people don't keep unwanted or unnecessary text messages. Yahoo! Messenger archives all of your conversations unless you remove them. You'll save space by deleting your conversations, and your chat history is faster to search when you prune your text messages.

    1. Step1:Enable the ability to have a confirmation message before you delete a Yahoo! text message. Open the "My History" tab, click "Options" and check the box beside "Ask before deleting a message."

    2. Step2:Look for the "History" button at the top right side of the web page. Click the button to see every conversation in your Yahoo! chat history.

    3. Step 3:Highlight the Yahoo! text message you wish to remove. You can view the entire text message below in the "My History" tab.

    4. Step4:Click the Delete button and confirm that you want to delete this text message.

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    Re: How to Delete Chat History Yahoo Messenger?

    Few are aware that popular chat programs such as MSN and Yahoo! Messenger record chat conversations, computer phone calls, file downloads and transfers, contact lists, off-line messages and other highly sensitive information. The discovery of this data by unauthorized persons may result in unacceptable security risks.

    While it is true these programs allow you to remove existing data or in some cases restrict its acquisition, this information has not been securely wiped or deleted. Failure to address these concerns provides an opportunity for the capture of proprietary conversations and chat histories to your possible detriment.

    Privacy Suite Software Erases, Deletes and Cleans Chat History. Using erasure algorithms that match US Department of Defense requirements (US DOD 5220.22), data generated and retained by these programs is wiped beyond forensic discovery. While many organizations are now implementing document life-cycle and data retention policies, chat and instant messaging has “fallen through the cracks”. By addressing this potential land mine of sensitive and privileged data you can mitigate the associated risks and liabilities, Such chat conversations may include business plans, medical information, HR records- even that “about last night” missive that could cause undue embarrassment. You may access the Privacy Suite product page to explore all features and take advantage of a free 15 day trial for your evaluation.

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    Re: How to Delete Chat History Yahoo Messenger?

    Both MSN and Yahoo Messenger can be can be configured to archive your conversations. Most of these archives are unencrypted or easily decrypted with readily available software.Don't let anyone invade your privacy and read your conversations. Easy SystemCleaner will automatically remove your chatlog, elimintaing this huge privacy issue.

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