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Thread: Transfer mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

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    Transfer mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

    Despite being one of the mail client most widely used in the world, Outlook Express (integrated natively in Windows, up to XP) has definitely had its day. In its place, for those not fascinated by the world of webmail and does not intend to migrate to other shores (maybe open source), there is already good and ready Windows Live Mail, already produced by Microsoft

    It goes without saying that many users have the need to transfer mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. The process itself is extremely simple, fast and secure. You can find below:
    1. Go to the folder X:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Identities\alphanumerics RANDOM \Microsoft

    2. Copied elsewhere (eg on a USB device) the Outlook Express folder

    3. Download the free program Macallan Outlook Express Extraction

    4. Start the software download

    5. Go to the menu File -> Open

    6. Select, one by one, dbx files in the folder Outlook Express

    7. Go to the menu extractions -> Extract all messages and attachments
      Wait for the end

    8. Copy the folders created by Macallan Outlook Express Extraction which are in the Outlook Express (the same name tried dbx files)

    9. Paste the folder in X:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\LocalSettings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders

    10. Start Windows Live Mail and wait for the mail to be loaded automatically.

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    Re: Transfer mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

    Excuse but there is no command like Import Messages in Windows Live Mail?
    I have done so.
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    Re: Transfer mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

    Hello, this tip is very interesting, but I want to know how to save my Outlook settings and use them with WLMail. In my Outlook email account that I have forgotten the password and finding it would take too long, there is some trick for that? Thanks!
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    Re: Transfer mail from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

    If you use Outlook "normal", run the program, the top menu "Tools", select "Eureka!", Drag the icon of the lens on the password for your account (see where asterisks or dots blacks ...) ok ... you should see the your password in the Eureka.

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