The best gaming laptop combines the portability of the laptop with the power of the PC to create a unique force to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. While accomplishing goals is great and all, how do you know whether a laptop is the best? Choose the best gaming laptop by learning everything you need to know, now.


Decide where you want to buy the best gaming laptop from. A few popular places include Sager, iBuyPower, CyberPower, and Alienware. Compare similar products from each company to not only get the best notebook, but to also get the best price.

Choose a price range, and find notebooks within that price range. To help you decide how much you're willing to spend, consider how fast your notebook will lose its value. The most expensive notebooks will lose their value fast, while the least expensive probably aren't a good buy to begin with. The optimum price will tend to be somewhere in the middle.

Decide how much power you want. Games include listings of "minimum requirements" and "recommended requirements." The best gaming laptop needs to at least meet the "recommended requirements," and for best performance, go beyond even that.

Look into the future. With system requirements for games constantly increasing, your notebook will one day be as useful for playing games as a brick is for breaking plexiglass windows. Consider buying a little extra power to tide you over until your next notebook purchase.

Get the best size screen for the best gaming laptop. Large screen sizes are typically best for gaming, but each increase in size means a slightly heavier laptop with less portability. If portability is an issue, a medium or even small screen size may be the best option. For both portability and a large screen size, consider leaving a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the location where your laptop will spend the most time. Connect these to your laptop when you're there.

Choose the best gaming laptop based on style. If you've narrowed it down to just a couple notebooks, then decide based on style. Think about what kind of image you want to present to those around you as well as what style meshes the best with your personality. The more you love the way your notebook looks, the more likely it will be that you've found the best gaming laptop.