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Thread: Recall an Sent e-mail with Outlook 2007

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    Recall an Sent e-mail with Outlook 2007

    Poor recipient forgets to an attachment or mistake?

    In such cases, we may want to change an e-mail just sent to the recipient.

    A feature that allows you to recall an email and change it, unless the recipient is obvious!

    After inadvertently sent an e-mail, you may recall, i.e remove it from the inbox of your recipient without him noticing. To do this proceed as follows:

    • Click on "sent items" and double click the message you want to remember. Offer you several options in the toolbar. In the "Action" click on "Other Actions" and select "Recall this message ...".

    • Two possible options. You can either recall the message or is replaced by the good directly.

    • In the first case, select "Delete unread copies of this message." Click the notify me if the recall succeeded or failed for each recipient. Finally, click OK.

    • Once the application, a notice in the header of the message appears.

    • If successful, a message will arrive with the subject: "Reminder message succeeded: Message title".

    • Otherwise, when a recipient reads the message before the recall, you can no longer recall, so you get the following message: "Failed attempt to recall the message: Message title".

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    Re: Recall an Sent e-mail with Outlook 2007

    I think this only works only if one saves a sent copy of the original message.

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    Re: Recall an Sent e-mail with Outlook 2007

    This will only work if the other person clicks on the "recall" message, if he opens the original mail you stand no chance of recalling it. It's designed to work best with Exchange, if you are using POP it's not so useful.

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    Re: Recall an Sent e-mail with Outlook 2007

    You have the same option in outlook 2003 also. Double click the message which you have sent. In that toolbar click action and in that select recall this messages.

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    Re: Recall an Sent e-mail with Outlook 2007

    Ya this option have both 2003 and 2007. Problem is when u open orginal message before recall open no works from recall.

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