MSNFix is a tool allowing you to remove the infection spreads over MSN, generally using the social engineering via zip images so-called trapped.
MSNFix seeks other types of infections Banload / Banker and especially infections Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot very popular since June 2007.

Disinfect your computer with MSNFix
If you're running Vista (if you have XP or 2000, proceed to later), the UAC must be disabled when using the fix. You can use this link to disable the UAC: Enable or Disable UAC From the Windows Vista

  • For MSNFix you can download from this link:
  • Save the file to your desktop.
  • Do not double-click the file
  • Right-click the file and extract all the file but to retrieve a file.
  • Double-click the folder MSNFix to open
  • You will find inside a new folder and a file MSNFix.bat (the. Bat can not appear at home).
  • Double-click MSNFix.bat
  • A window on a blue background will open with a menu.
  • Tap the R key on your keyboard and the enter key to confirm
  • If an infection is detected, the message will appear Infection Present
  • To start cleaning, simply press any letter on the keyboard and then validate with Enter.
NOTE: If MSNFix does not detect infection and you are confident of being infected, it may be a new variant of MSN worm has been set up, then ask for help in the VIRUS forum:

Two possible scenarios:
  • MSNFix be able to remove the infection, the report opens.
  • MSNFix or fails to remove the infection and you get the window below in red.

As written, you must restart the computer (as usual, Start / Stop / Restart the computer.)
MSNFix will then restart at startup before the desktop (you will have the background without the Start menu is normal).
Take a look, MSNFix will clean the computer, the report will open your office.

Once cleaning is completed, save the cleaning report on the notepad.
In case you are disinfection via a forum, you can copy and paste this report for this:

  • Click the Edit menu and then Select All.
  • Click on the Edit menu and then paste.
  • In your thread on the forum, create a new message and then right click and paste the message to paste the report.

If you're running Vista (if you have XP or 2000, proceed to later), remember to reactivate UAC: Enable or Disable UAC From the Windows Vista