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Thread: Install Windows XP from USB

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    Install Windows XP from USB

    Hi friends,

    You would be thinking of Installing an Operating System from a Pen/Flash Drive.So here is the tip for Installing Windows XP from a Pen drive.

    1. You will need a special tool to copy the Installation files and making the USB Pen Drive bootable.You need to download the zip file which is below.


    2. Unpack to any folder. The path to your folder must be simple.
    3. Insert your Pen Drive.
    4. Run USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd

      • Format utility will apear. Choose NTFS for >=4Gb usb flash and FAT16 for other, Start format, Close after finishing.

    5. If you are doing this from a Vista machine, you may need to run PeToUSB.exe as adminstrator in order for this program to recognize the jump drive. (Right click PeToUSB.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Run this program as an administrator checked.)
    6. Set options 1 and 2. Set option 0 only if you want to use USB HDD instead of a USB Pen Drive.
    7. Choose 3 after setting all other options. It will create the image and write it to the USB Pen Drive as well as making the USB Pen drive bootable.
    8. Answer Yes to all questions that come up.
    9. When it finishes copying, remove your usb stick and insert it in the PC to install XP.
    10. When you turn on the PC, hold down Esc to choose the boot device and select the USB Pen Drive. You'll need to do this at each reboot until XP is fully installed and you've logged in.
    11. Choose Text installation at first time and GUI INSTALLATION aftere reboot twice ( Choose step 1 to start installing, after reboot choose step two, after continued install press step 2 AGAIN to log into XP - As soon as you arrive at the Windows XP Desktop you can safely remove the USB Pen Drive.)

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    Re: Install Windows XP from USB

    Hey thanks for this tip!
    I really wanted to have some kind of interface that will install Xp on my computer whenever it gets crashed.
    Do you tell us how many times we can install the XP on our PC from this bootable Pen drive?
    Do we have any option to format our hard disk from the bootable pen drive?

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    Re: Install Windows XP from USB

    Hello I dont want to show anyone bad , but above post i can said that well i did installing window xp and server from my bootable pendrive without copying any file , i dont need any externel file to copy in pendrive i just made my 1st boot device is usb , if u have one usb port then no problem but u have more then check which port u attached your pendrive , i have 6 usb ports i check and boot that device my 1st device then after its going on installing mode without any problem i can did it . just for information i put this , i dont want to make fight here ok just we all friends here c ya nice topic also
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    ohmy Re: Install Windows XP from USB

    I follow the instruction but after formating my usb, selecting the USb-Drive target, it says F: has NOT FAT FAT32 or NTFS format and is not valid, pls what do I do

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    Re: Install Windows XP from USB

    Thanks for posting this. I also have search for some tools and I found out WinToFlash. It's pretty easy to use with less monitoring to do.

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