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Thread: How to play Flash Games offline ?

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    How to play Flash Games offline ?

    There are thousands of Internet Flash games free. Unfortunately, we must always be connected to the Internet to take advantage of it. Here's how to get these games on your hard disk to play on any occasion without an Internet connection.

    Step 1: Understand the principle

    In a previous tip, we saw how to take advantage of Flash games in full screen. We will see now how to retrieve a Flash game on your PC to access it then offline that is without having to connect or launch a web browser. Technically, a game is a Flash animation file interactive format " SWF. This file is downloaded with the Web page, and then executed by the browser as any animation. To enjoy offline (off) a game, it must begin retrieving files SWF games that interest you, then play this Flash animation directly from the desktop.

    Step 2: Get the SWF file

    To retrieve the SWF file of a game, several possibilities:

    • The first solution, a manual, is to go digging into your browser's cache after visiting the page of game, there is more than just one copy of the SWF file on your desktop for example. The disadvantage of this manipulation is that it's not always easy to identify in the "cache" of the file browser.
    • The second option is to use the site This site allows you to break down a Web page to retrieve items that interest you. Here's how:
      • With your browser, go to the Web site containing the game you like (for example here)
      • Place the cursor on the address bar, select the entire URL and press [Ctrl] + [C] to copy the URL into the Windows clipboard.
      • Now go to the site
      • Place the cursor in the URL of the page and press [Ctrl] + [V] to paste the copied URL above.
      • Check the box "I have read and agree to the Terms of Services"
      • Check OBJECTS in the Filter
      • Click on Get Files
      • The site displays a list of files found objects on the page, among them the SWF file of the game. Click the right mouse button and select Save As from the context menu, and select a destination (the office for example).

    • A third option, is reserved for users of Firefox 3, is to use the Page Info:
      • With Firefox 3, go to the Web site containing the game you like (for example here)
      • Right-click on a blank area in that page and select View Page Info
      • Open the Media tab
      • Find the list in the SWF file, select it and click Save As and select a destination (the office for example).

    You now have one or more games SWF files on your desktop (or any other location of your choice). We will see how to exploit them.

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    Re: How to play Flash Games offline ?

    Step 3: Play offline

    Here are two ways to take advantage of the SWF Flash games that you have downloaded in the previous step:

    Method 1: Use the browser

    As a first step, we must learn to Windows to play SWF files with the Web browser:
    • From Windows Explorer, or from the Windows desktop, right-click on a file SWF.
    • Select Open With in the menu. If the Open With option does not appear, select Open, click the "Select a program from the list ..." and click OK.
    • Select the list in your Web browser
    • Select the "Always use the selected program to open these files"
    • Click OK

    Now, to start a game:
    • Double-click the file SWF Game
    • Press [F11] to toggle the browser in full screen mode.

    Method 2: Use the manager FlashOffliner

    FlashOffliner is a small utility that allows you to organize and run your Flash games directly without going through the Web browser. Beware, this only works on Windows XP ...

    • Download the software FlashOffliner.
    • Unpack the software and run the installation
    • Launch FlashOffliner, the program is in the notification area
    • Click on the icon FlashOffliner button law and deploy the submenu FlashOffliner Menu
    • Select Create new FlashOffliner package
    • Enter the name of the game in the first field (eg Tetris)
    • Enter your name in the second field (for example: Me)
    • Click Select Game
    • Select the SWF file
    • Click Start Packing ... the software generates a package FOP
    • Close the window
    • Click on the icon FlashOffliner button law and deploy the submenu FlashOffliner Menu
    • Select Install FlashOffliner package
    • Specify the location of the file FOP created

    To start the game, simply click on the icon FlashOffliner in the notification area of the system and select the newly installed.

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