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Thread: How to do a System restore in Windows 7

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    How to do a System restore in Windows 7

    Cleaning restore points:

    • Under Windows Seven, it is now possible to clean directly all restore points, without disabling the protection system.

    • In Control Panel (Control Panel), and then System Security (System and Security), click System (System).

    • In the left pane, click System Protection (Protection System).

    • After ascertaining that the protection system on the C drive is activated (On), click on Setup (Configure)

    Delete all restore points:
    • Under the heading Diskspace used (Disk Space Usage), click Delete (Delete), then click Apply (Apply).

    • All restore points are deleted.

    Remove restore points except the most recent:

    • It is always possible, as with Vista, to keep the last restore point created:

    • In Computer (Computer), right-click on C, then Properties (properties), click Disk Cleanup (Disk Cleanup), then clean the system files (Clean up system files)

    • which shows the More Options tab (More Options)

    • By clicking on Clean (Clean up) under System Restore and Shadow (System Restore and Shadow Copies), restore points will be removed, except the most recent.

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    System Restore settings in Windows 7

    System Restore settings:

    Seven in Windows, you can configure the type system restore desired.

    • In the configuration of the Protection System Settings heading restoration offers 3 options:

    • Restore system and earlier versions of files (Restore system settings and previous versions of files)

    • Only restore earlier versions of files (Only restore previous versions of files)

    • Disable Protection System (Turn off system protection)

    Note: These options appear on the Ultimate edition of Seven, they may not be the case for a premium edition.

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    Re: How to do a System restore in Windows 7

    A very handy feature of Windows 7 System Restore available with just one click away. Right click on any file or Folder and you will see “Restore previous versions” in context menu. Restore previous versions will list all Previous versions of selected file or folder from various restore points. You can simply copy, restore or open to see files from Previous Restore point. This makes Windows 7 System Restore free from need of full system restore. if you have accidentally deleted any specific file or folder you can use “Restore previous versions” feature to copy or restore to its original state.

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    Re: How to do a System restore in Windows 7

    I think Restore Privious versions is also available in Windows Vista Business, Ultimate and Enterprise edition along with Shadow Copy Feature.

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    Re: How to do a System restore in Windows 7

    Hello friends,
    I found this really informative guide on windows 7. How To Master New Windows 7 Beta 1 ? . Its really cool with many tips about windows 7.
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    Re: How to do a System restore in Windows 7

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