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Thread: Increase the tape recording - Windows XP

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    Increase the tape recording - Windows XP

    Hi , I recently tried recording in windows xp but what i notice recording in The tape of Windows XP only allows you to record sound for a maximum of one is possible to extend this period. thanks in advance

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    Re: Increase the tape recording - Windows XP

    As a first step, make sure your microphone is turned off or that the recording volume is at the mininum.

    1. Start the tape recorder.

    2. Click the Record button.

    3. Let the registration takes place for 1 minute. This will create a sound file blank for a period of 60 seconds. Once registration is complete, click the File menu and then click Save As.

    4. Boucle.wav name the file and click Save.

    5. Click the Edit menu and then click Insert File.

    6. Boucle.wav select the file you just saved and click Open.

    7. The maximum recording time is increased by a minute. Repeat the insertion as many times as necessary. To have a recording time of 10 minutes, insert the file 9 times.

    8. Then move the cursor position on the left to return to 0. Reassemble the microphone volume. Now you can record sound for 10 minutes.

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