We thank Mozilla For implementing for spelling correction in its Firefox browser, since then level of Accuracy has been Improved However,

However, one thing you may have noticed is that Firefox only checks the spelling on large text fields, not all of them. It will check the spelling for text fields like the body of an email or in a comment box. If you want Firefox to check the spelling in all text fields, you just have to tweak one of the settings.

The reason that Firefox defaults to not checking the spelling of all fields is because the smaller fields are usually things like your username or user ID, which would more often than not come out misspelled. However, if you use a particular web site a lot and want it to spell check every last text field, here’s how to do it.

Here is a list of Steps to Follow :

  1. Start Firefox browser

  2. In the address bar, type about: config

  3. Skip security warning

  4. In the search box, write: layout.spellcheckDefault

  5. Double-click the only apparent result, Change the value to 2

  6. Quit and then restart Firefox

  7. Spell checking is now supported in the fields of entry forms, which includes search engines.