You've changed a registry setting to customize Windows XP. And for the change to be effective, you must restart your computer, which can be quite long. But a Ace which makes you go faster by simply restarting the process called as Explorer.exe.

  1. To do this, press Ctrl, Alt and Delete to display the Task Manager.

  2. You can also run it by clicking the right mouse button on the taskbar and choose the Task Manager.

  3. This Task-Manager will pop like This:

  4. Then click the Processes tab.

  5. Click on the Item Explorer.exe

  6. Right click and Select "End Process".

  7. You will get This Warning Message Then Press Yes.

Creating a New process

  1. Click File "New Task

  2. Type Explore.exe as shown in picture.

  3. press Enter and you are done.