Step 1: An intelligent Installation

  1. Obviously, first and foremost, we must first download and install the browser. A matter of seconds and it weighs just 7MB ...
  2. To download Google Chrome, click -- HERE --
  3. Once installation is complete, the software displays a box "Welcome to Google Chrome"
  4. Click the Customize link these parameters.
  5. Check "Import settings" and choose from the menu Pop-up your favorite browser.
  6. Click OK and then click Start Google Chrome.

Chromium is smart an smart browser and know how to import not only your favorites but also the settings, accounts and passwords for sites registered by your old browser.

Step 2: A well thought homepage

When you launch the browser or open a new tab, Chrome offers a home page rather original and very well thought out. It is composed of miniatures of the most frequently consulted. Just simply click on the image to visit the site of their choice.

On the right of the screen, a billboard displays:

  • Your favorite search engines
  • Favorites recently added
  • Recently Closed Tabs

If you close a tab by mistake, open a new tab using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [T] then use the right pane of the home page to find a click page inadvertently closed ( in the orange).

Step 3: An intelligent address bar

Much the same spirit as Firefox 3 and IE8, the address bar of Chrome is also a research tool. To navigate with Chrome, simply place the cursor in the address bar and start to enter a keyword. At the time of the seizure, the browser automatically suggests more hits from bookmarks or history, it also suggests queries using the same technology recently installed Google Suggest on the search page of Google. The address, which is also a search box, accepts the Boolean operators to sophisticated research.


Chrome remembers your input and analyze your habits. If you often enter the address "" or "" very soon you will only have to enter "t" or "g" then press [Enter] to go immediately on the techarena website or it gallery. Chrome "holds" the search engines you visit. Then you begin to type the name in the address bar that offers Chrome "d" press TAB to search on this engine. Pressing [TAB], then type a keyword and confirm by [ Enter]. The search is then performed with the engine indicated. We can fly all engines since the Web address bar!