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Thread: "Web Archives Viewer" a plugin for Internet Explorer

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    "Web Archives Viewer" a plugin for Internet Explorer

    Sometimes it may take longer time than usual to just download an archive file from website or FTP server. The situation becomes even worst if you download a huge archive file from a well know website when simultaneous files downloading are on going.

    Web Archive Viewer is the best Solution.It's a plugin for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that provides access to file archives before the download. It displays the contents of zip and rar archives and gives Internet Explorer users the option to download selected files instead of the complete archive.

    Once Web Archive Viewer plug-in is installed, you can find “Open in Web Archives Viewer” context menu appears whereby you can right click on the archive link. Select this item will open Web Archive Viewer with listing archive file contents in tree view from the link. Web Archive Viewer is able to display the content of zip and rar archives with detailed information such as file name, size and date modified.

    To download Web Archiver Viewer ver 1.04. click here

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    This can be useful if only a few files are needed that are provided as an archive on a website or ftp server.

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    Web Archive Viewer will definitely help you to speed up the downloading process, by viewing and selecting desired file to download.

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