When you press the power button on the computer there is no noise emitted by the PC and no light illuminates on the case, it's likely a problem of Power supply.

For this problem follow the steps below

Electrical Verification

First, as it must, first verify that the computer is connected to the sector through an electrical outlet. If necessary, take a lamp or a hair dryer to verify that the outlet delivers good of electricity. Finally, in some cases a switch is sometimes present in the power supply, make sure it is well on foot.

A red switch smaller may also exist: the choice of voltage. Make sure it fits well with the standard in the country.

Electrical protection

The recent power supply sometimes a protection against electrical surges prevent the computer from restarting after a short circuit. To remedy this, simply disconnect the power supply to the computer, then to maintain the power button down for several seconds to clear the stored energy and to reset the protective device.

Checking the block

If you provide a second power supply, replace the current power supply by a second, known in running to test whether the problem is far away.
Otherwise, you just buy a new power supply, taking advantage to buy a more powerful and more silent ;-)
The block is usually set by 4 screws and power cords plugged into the motherboard own most of the time a keyway to prevent any connection error!