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Thread: Making Net 20% Faster

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    idea Making Net 20% Faster

    1. Go to Start, Run and type: gpedit.msc
    2. Expand the key "Local Computer Policy"
    3. Expand the key "Administrative Templates"
    4. Expand the key "Network"
    5. Scroll to the left "QoS Packet Scheduler" and double-click to open
    6. Locate the "Limit reservable bandwidht" and double-click to open
    7. In the new window, select "Enable" and change the rate to 0 (this is on 20 default)
    8. Restart your computer

    The 20% of the bandwidth that Windows XP reserves for itself are now available to the user

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    Will this tweak work for MTNL broadband also?

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    It has nothing to do with broadband, or cablenet.
    Rather with the bandwidth of Windows XP!

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    I can honestly say that I was not affected but the windows does something, ahh it does, because now in linux, I have obtained transfer rates in the order of 5 / 6 MB/s (yes megs per second!). At the same windows File, is a burst of 4Mb at the beginning, but ends up 10. Take longer than in Linux, the File in question is 34MB and was drawn by 8 in Tue 18seg in linux and windows, the test was done before and then, and it remained equal! Ahh, and now I have already 8Mb of Cable!

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    All 20% more quickly! . Nice find

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