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Thread: Shortcut Keys to Shutdown and Restart your Computer

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    Shortcut Keys to Shutdown and Restart your Computer

    Shortcut Keys to Shutdown and Restart your Computer

    Get ready and follow these points to experiment.

    1. On your desktop, right click>shortcut(select shortcut)
    2. You will then see a Popup Window(Create Shortcut wizard)
    3. In ‘Type the location of the item’, Key in ‘Shutdown -s -t 01′

    Click ‘Next’ and you will be prompt to name the Shortcut. Give it any name you want and click ‘Finish’.

    Now, whenever you hope to shutdown your Computer or laptop. Simply double click on this shortcut icon.

    You can also fully customize this shortcut Icon.

    Right Click>’Properties’>’Change Icon’

    This allows you to change Shortcut Icon to any image you want.

    If you want to create a Shortcut Icon for restarting your Computer or Laptop, Simply change -s to -r.

    As s stand for shutdown while r stands for restart.

    Change the number after -t to set the time of your Computer and Laptop to wait in seconds before shutting down.

    You can also insert a comment by adding -c ‘Your Text’ to the line. It will display the Text you specified while counting down the time in seconds.


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    If you want to shut down PC

    Press Windows key and two times U .

    (Note : Close all programmes before doing this.)

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