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Old 09-09-2008
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How To Set Up Free VoIP Phone With Free Incoming Number

I know that this is not a new technique and has been around for quite sometime. When I wanted to set up my free Internet
Phone with Free US Incoming number, I had to search around in forums and websites to find the exact information which I was looking for. I knew that one can setup a free VoIP phone using Gizmo5 and some free incoming DID number but everything was in theory and I had to actually do some Proof of Concept.

Last weekend I decided to work on setting up a free Landline (VoIP) number with Free incoming number. It worked and I was able to successfully make and receive calls for free. So I thought I will write up steps that I followed to get my VoIP working in just one hour.

Things you need for getting this Free VoIP phone

Broadband Internet Connection - Make sure you have some broadband internet connection which is available to you 24/7.

Gizmo5 Account - You can create Gizmo5 account free at Gizmo5.com. You need to download the software and create an account. After you create your Gizmo5 account, you will receive your SIP number, username and passowrd.

Free Incoming Number - Once you receive your Gizmo5 setup information, you need some free DID(Incoming) number that can route your phone calls to your VoIP phone. There used to be lot of sites that offered free DID numbers for US including StanPhone, FreeDigits.com - TalkDigits.com - CallDigits.com, SipNumber.com but now this sites doesn't offer any free incoming numbers for VoIP. So the only site that gives you free US Incoming number is IPKall.com.

Here is the list of all free DID number providers.
  • 3Stars Net FREE Belgian DID Number in Brussels or Antwerpen. (The service is not free anymore)
  • aql, Free Signup with PSTN 0870 UK number
  • Coms.com Free UK geographical DID numbers.
  • Convertec Free Testing with available DIDs in over 90% of ratecenters in the US and Canada with SAME DAY ACTIVATION. Major metro and rural area DID coverage. Toll-Free Service/Vanity TF numbers, DID portability, eFax. SIP origination and termination.Click Here for our coverage spreadsheet. We support G.729/G.711. Also 3rd party consultants/techs for Asterisk, FreePBX, Trixbox, PIAF. Origination rateas as low as $.007/minute. E911 compliant. 1-800-928-3109 or Info@convertecsolutions.com
  • eSMS Free UK numbers which forward to SIP/IAX and landlines/mobiles
  • EuteliaVoip Free DID and FAX to email numbers in Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. Numbers in other countries are offered at 2.5 euros per month.
  • FreeDigits - Free personilised US number that can also be redirected to any URI address like FreeWorldDialup.com . Voice mail to email, unlimited number of calls. DID in Iowa state.
  • FaxDigits - Free personilised US FAX number in Iowa State. Fax to email attachment service in pdf format. Unlimited incoming number of faxes. VOIP T.38 codec enabled for internet faxing reception.
  • Freenumber — Free geographical DID's in Italy - free service available only for Milan (02), Rome (06) and Turin (011) area codes. Site in Italian and English.
  • FreeNumber Free Personal Number (in the Netherlands) forwarded to any SIP provider, for example fwd (also fax enabled!) (website reads (35 cent per minuut) - callers will pay 35 cpm to call you - sounds like a 1-900 type of service
  • IP Communications Free US DIDs! TEST YOUR ASTERISK FOR FREE! That's right! 1 number + 2 lines = FREE no gimmicks! You will get one US phone number with 2 lines. No Committment, No Credit Cards! No Obligations! We are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our service, we are giving away one free number to show it. With our FREE DID offer you will receive one U.S. local number from one of our over 5000 service locations along with 2 free ports. If you are looking for Free DID VoIP Provider, look no further!IP Communications
  • IP Star Free Personal Number from the UK forwarded to any SIP provider including sipphone, free world dialup or any other sip or iax2 provider.
  • IPKall Personal Washington State (USA) number forwarded to your SIP phone!
  • Libretel Access numbers to FWD — East Coast.
  • Internet Phone
  • Localphone offers free UK geographic DID numbers on all SIP accounts, with full A-Z termination and DIDs from over 40 countries.
  • Messagenet.co.uk: Free VOIPin and Fax numbers in London.
  • http://www.myphone.ge Free DID numbers in Georgia SIP unfortunately web site is only in Georgian but with live support you can get registered
  • myTCOM.it Italian,British & USA access number to your myTCOM account
  • NUM2IM.COM now offer French phone number for free, and provide the routing of calls for that number to your IM address : Google Talk, MSN Messenger Live or Yahoo messenger NUM2IM

    not avaliable anymore. You can have the same service on yes.digitrad.com
  • OpenTelcom Free Personal Number for Voice & Fax from the UK forwarded to any SIP URI
  • OrbTalk Free UK DID geographical numbers accessible also through SipBroker.com. Paid service to dial out.
  • Pimp My Number (PMN) - UK DDI/DID Provider offering FREE UK PSTN Telephone Numbers with instant activation and on-line control panel.
  • www.skypho.net FREE Italian and Romanian numbers for your sip phone
  • SPEEX.CO.IL Free cellular (057) Israeli DIDs to IAX. Site in Hebrew only (you dont get a dedicated number, you get a number with a extension)
  • http://www.spikko.com Free Israeli DID with extension in IAX (site in hebrew) for each incoming minute you get credit for one outgoing minute, free softphone, I hooked it up to asterisk by using a network sniffer and getting the ip and user name
  • Squillo Italian SIP <-> PSTN Gateway
  • StanaPhone Free personal DID in New York City for your SIP phone. (They don't accept new customers.)
  • Telesthetic Access numbers to FWD, SIPphone, and IAXTel — Michigan.
  • TelFree Free 087 DID number in South Africa charged at the national call rate to the caller. SIP server: sip99.telfreesa.com:5060
  • UKnumber4U Free UK DIDs, Call Forwarding Anywhere in the World Totally Free
  • VoIPUser UK/British numbers (DID's) to forward to any SIP/IAX2, can also be forwarded to any landline in a number of countries (beta)

Via: Information Madness
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Old 07-10-2011
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ThumbsUp 1-900 Number us and canadian

voicemeup offer 1-900 did numbers us and Canadian, low price and professional team.
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Old 14-01-2012
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Re: How To Set Up Free VoIP Phone With Free Incoming Number

Trixbox is best One i know.....................;;;;;;;;;))))))))))
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