This trick will explain how to update the driver of a graphics card on a laptop with an Nvidia GeForce Go 6 series or Nvidia GeForce Go 7 series, or even 8M series.

WARNING: This trick is aimed at adult audiences, with good skills.For graphics chips for laptops, this tutorial can only serve as an alternative to pilots of official manufacturer of PC, which must always be privileged.

The manufacturers of laptops themselves develop drivers for graphics chips they use and to integrate their machines. However, some manufacturers do not put pilots up to date and this trick may be an attractive alternative for any user warned.

  • Download the driver depending on your operating system:

  • It is recommended that you download the latest driver Nvidia WHQL to avoid potential compatibility problems:

  • After clicking on the reference driver (Example: 163.75), you fall on a new page, look creator of the pilot, it must be for Nvidia also avoid further problems because the drivers developed by a manufacturer are adapted for BIOS of their machines:

  • Look in the bar with "driver" if, later, there has not indicated "modded inf":

  • If this is not indicated, do not download this driver and find another-the latest WHQL. After clicking on "driver" to download the driver:

  • Unzip it in a folder specifically for the latter. After that, download the file "modded inf" on the same site, next to "driver":

  • Then the "modded inf" in the case of driver. It will detect the presence of 2 inf files and will ask you what to do. Select "replace". After that, run the program "setup", wait until the installation is complete, restart and that's good! Enjoy your well-new drivers!