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Thread: How to make Portable Firefox ?

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    How to make Portable Firefox ?

    Portable Firefox is a special version that allows us to install Firefox on a USB memory (for example a Pendrive), CDs, DVDs, etc..

    How to install Firefox on a USB memory

    Portable Firefox is part of Portable Apps Suite, a set of applications that can run from any portable device (USB sticks, Zip Drives, etc.).
    This version will let you run Firefox with their passwords, bookmarks and extensions on any PC. Significantly, it is possible that some extensions may not work, but surely over time continue to improve portable Firefox and the number of incompatible extensions will be reduced.

    As install Firefox Portable
    Install this portable version of Firefox is very simple, simply download the installer on this link, once downloaded and run the unit and select the directory where you install (the external drive). Then we just execute the file FirefoxPortable.exe (Firefox should not be running at that time).

    As copy settings to Firefox Portable Firefox
    If you are using a local copy of Firefox, you might want to copy your local configuration in Firefox Portable Firefox. In this case simply by copying the contents of the folder folder with the profile of Firefox (C: \ Documents and Settings \ [user] \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ default.? \) To the directory with the profile of Portable Firefox (X: \ FirefoxPortable \ Application Data \ profile). Then copy of the directory is very important to delete the file FirefoxPortableSettings.ini within FirefoxPortable \ Application Data \ configuration ó No, if it exists.

    You can find more information on how to install Firefox Portable, such as installing plugins, tips and known bugs Portable Firefox on this page.

    Portable Firefox
    runs under Windows, the installer weighs 8.8 MB and 28 MB occupies once installed.

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    Is that possible with other Web Browsers also?

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