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Thread: Frequent error while loading page 'HTTP 400 Bad Request'

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    Frequent error while loading page 'HTTP 400 Bad Request'


    My internet explorer is giving an error, it's: HTTP 400 Bad Request
    Description: Invalid Verb

    First time I noticed it, it happened when attempted to log in into yahoo, i cannot access my email anymore due to this problem
    I can access and read my email from gmail, but it wont allow me to sent emails as i would get the same error.
    I cannot get into Microsoft support website as it wont allow me to search within the site for this problem.

    The error also happen with many more websites.

    I have run a full antivirus scan, full antispyware scan, I have done a system restore Nothing helps!

    My antivirus is Norton Internet Security Pro
    My antispyware is Spybot Search & Destroy
    My firewall is TrendMicro Internet Security Pro
    Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

    Please help! I cannot find a solution for this!

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    I had that problem after installing "Windows Live OneCare Family Safety" that came with Windows Live Messenger . So I uninstalled this component. Now everything works fine. I can visit any web page now.

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    I also had this problem and it turned out to be caused by the 'family safety' part of 'windows live' - had to uninstall 'family safety' to resolve the issue.

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    Re: Frequent error while loading page 'HTTP 400 Bad Request'

    I found the same thing with vista and ebay. You guys fied it for me!!! thanks so much - windows wanted to charge me to fix their errors!!!!! CRAZY WORLD!!!

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