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Thread: delete blank page in Word 2013

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    delete blank page in Word 2013

    There is a document in Word 2013 that has only one page but all of a sudden a new blank page got added after the first page. I am able to print the first page by choosing page one for printing in the printer setup page. But after printing I got one wanted page and the other blank page when I printed out a test sample. So, I want to know how do I remove this blank page, can anyone please help? Thanks

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    Re: delete blank page in Word 2013

    Try to click within the document to place the cursor where you want the new page to appear. After that click Insert in the pages group and then click Blank Page. Now go to Paragraph group and click Home > Show/Hide button to view the page breaks for the page you inserted. Again click on Home > Show/Hide Button to see all the documents characters. After that choose page break by highlighting it with your mouse and then press Delete to remove a single blank page.

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    Re: delete blank page in Word 2013

    I guess that the previous page could be full and the paragraph break at the end might be forcing the page to break. Try to display and choose that paragraph break and format it as 1 point and it might make enough space to delete the extra page. You can even try to add the Print Preview Edit Mode button to the Quick Access Toolbar and click on that and then from the Print Preview ribbon click 'Shrink One Page'. Hope this helps.

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    Re: delete blank page in Word 2013

    The extra blank page at the end of the document gets created when you create a table that ends at the bottom margin on the previous page. So, to remove this try to reformat everything to get it to fit on the 1st page. Simply turn on the Show/Hide button to get the paragraph markings which is located at the end of the document. Now choose paragraph mark at the end of the document which might be at the top of the last page. Now change the size of the font of the last paragraph to 1 and the page will disappear after doing this.

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    Re: delete blank page in Word 2013

    Reduce your font size until your resume fits onto one page. Something in your formatting is being carried over on to the next page. Something as simple as a line break will do it!

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