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Thread: Reverting back from Internet Explorer 11 to IE 10 on Windows 7

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    Reverting back from Internet Explorer 11 to IE 10 on Windows 7

    Hi, i am having a Dell laptop running Windows 7, i always keep this updated with all recent windows updates. Couple of months ago i received a browser update to Internet Explorer 11 which removed my IE 10. Anyways, i used the new browser but didn't found it much effective, also as it is still in testing mode, there are several bugs which are creating many problems for me.

    Before posting here i tried searching the web for this but the result found only says reverting back from IE 11 ti IE 10 in Windows 8.1, but mine is Windows 7. As per those articles there is no way to revert back to older IE because 8.1 comes by default with IE 11. Fortunately Windows 7 comes with IE 9 and hence i guess there would be some way to roll back, right?

    So can you guys please let me know step by step for doing the same?

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    Re: Reverting back from Internet Explorer 11 to IE 10 on Windows 7

    Yes, there is a way to roll back in Windows 7 because the default IE version in Win 7 is IE 9. For windows 8 and 8.1 users, they cannot get below IE 10 and IE 11 respectively.

    Anyways, to get back to IE 10 from IE 11, you just need to uninstall the Internet Explorer 11 update because it usually come through windows updates. You can do this by bringing up the RUN Command (Win + R), type appwiz.cpl and hit enter. You can also get here by going to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.

    In this window, click on "View Installed Updates" on the left pane. Now scroll down and select "Windows Internet Explorer". Right click the same and click Uninstall. Restart the PC and you will be back to earlier IE version.

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    Re: Reverting back from Internet Explorer 11 to IE 10 on Windows 7

    Hello Maq. I need an similar help. I know you have already mentioned that windows 8.1 users cannot downgrade from IE 11 to IE 10 or 9. But there are many of my business websites that wont open properly in IE 11. I have really wasted enough time troubleshooting the same. So isn't there any alternate way to get the earlier IE version? Can i remove Windows 8.1 and get back to Win 8 as atleast the sites were working good in IE 10?

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