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Thread: unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

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    unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

    I have a Xbox 360 with me and I have been a Xbox Live Gold membership that I am using from quite some time. But from sometime, whenever I am trying to login to the Xbox Live then I am getting an error code of 8015D002. I have also tried to recover the password that I am using but the page that the link is sending to me is not working? Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

    You can try to clear the system cache in your xbox console and see if that solves the issue. To do that, press the guide button on your controller and then choose Settings > System Settings. After that highlight any storage device and then press Y on your controller. Now you need to choose Clear System Cache. It will prompt for some confirmation and then select Yes to proceed and the cache will be cleared for all storage devices. Now you can try to login to the Xbox live account.
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    Re: unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

    If the above doesnt work for you, then try to go to your Live Account and then get your phone number and email address verified. After that go to somewhere that will say "passwords for device", just take a look at that password and then it will be long password. You will need this app password on your Xbox or any other, just ensure that you use this same password and select the check box so the Xbox can remember that password. Now you will be able to login to the Xbox Live account without any problems.

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    Re: unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

    Another solution would be to sign in to microsoft account here - Then click on Password and Security info and then click Edit security info. Now you will get a check for security proof, enter it and click Submit. After that under App passwords, click on Create a new app password. A new app password will be created and if you are prompted for your Microsoft account password on your Xbox console, then enter this same app password that you have created online.

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