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Old 24-05-2013
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

I noticed that there is huge memory usgae caused by Opera browser in my computer. I also used a memory cleaner to ckeep the memory under control for this Opera 12.64 browser on 64bit Windows 7, but it is not solving the issue. And after I didnt start it then I started getting blue screen of death after restarting the computer? I have got 4gb ram installed on my pc and 2 are utilized by opera itself? This browser will not response at 1 hour gap period and when I try to close a tab then it will freeeze for sometime or more and then will eventually crash. Is there any solution for this? Thanks
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Old 25-05-2013
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Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

It might be that Opera caches the last pages that you might have opened. This cache part is stored on the hard disk, and some part of it will be in your Ram. And actually the size of the cache is not specified by default and hence it might take up all the free Ram in your system. So try to change the size of the cache by following the below steps:
  1. First of all you need to open Opera browser
  2. After that you need to press the Menu button which might be at the top-left side
  3. Now you can try to select Settings > Preferences and then a new window will open
  4. After that choose the Advanced tab and then in the left pane choose the History option
  5. You will be able to see the sizes of the Memory cache and the Disk cache here. Just try to choose a different option from the Memory cache dropdown list or you can also enable the Empty on exit option, which wont store any cache at all, when you close the browser
  6. After that press OK and then restart Opera and you are done.
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Old 27-05-2013
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 747
Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

So, you are saying that Opera 12.14 browser is using 2gb of ram, if yes then could you please tell us how many tabs you have opened of the browser, that usually gets the browser to use that much of memory? I have checked Opera browser in my system and it wont use above 500mb of ram usage? There might be some other issues in your pc I think. Have you tried to disable any add-ons from the browser and checked if that is working or not?
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Old 28-05-2013
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 704
Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

It might be possible that the memory could be leaking or it might be a problem with the video driver. I will suggest that you should set the Memory Cache to 3mb and disk cache to 300mb wih ?Empty on Exit? unchecked option. After setting all this features in Opera, now it is working with great performance and speed on my computer.
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Old 29-05-2013
Join Date: Jun 2009
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Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

Have you tried some Memory Cleaner software. One such tool is called RAMRush - RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer. It is a program whose primary purpose is to collect the maximum amount of memory so that the system can run faster and you can download it by searching from the net. To do this, it has many features:
  • Clean the memory in the background.
  • Defragments your memory.
  • Get the memory in some applications that require too.
  • Recovers memory leaks from certain unstable applications.
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