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Thread: Firefox 15 is hanging continuously

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    Firefox 15 is hanging continuously

    I have installed Firefox 15 on my laptop yesterday. My laptop runs on Windows XP as its operating system. After installing Firefox 15 and starting to use it, it started to hang every now and then. It hangs when I open websites with many images, for example, It also hangs when I open more than three tabs. I donít know why it is happening, can someone tell me?

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    Re: Firefox 15 is hanging continuously

    Firefox 15 that has released is not stable like its previous versions. Many people are noticing various problems in it. The main problem that is seen in Firefox 15 is that it faces a big issue with the add-ons and extension. Many add-ons have not yet been updated by its respective developers to run properly on Firefox 15. Thus if you have made the add-ons from Firefox 14 to be transferred in Firefox 15, then you will be facing many problems with Firefox 15. I think your Firefox 15 must be hanging because of these add-ons itself. I suggest you to remove them and check if the browser is working fine or not.

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    Re: Firefox 15 is hanging continuously

    I suggest you to check the firewall of the anti-virus that is installed in your computer. Maybe the firewall and the Firefox 15 are not working properly with each other leading to this problem. When you say that Firefox 15 hangs when loading more than 3 tabs, I think that it firewall must be getting overloaded with checking multiple files that are coming in your computer.

    This will only be possible if you have set the settings of your firewall to strict. I suggest you to bring it down on normal or moderate for proper operation.

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    Re: Firefox 15 is hanging continuously

    You can go in the safe mode of the operating system in your computer. This is the part where the plug-ins and add-ons that you have used in Firefox 15 will be disabled. Here you can use Firefox 15 as it was installed right now. Using this safe mode, you can disable or completely remove the add-ons that are giving you trouble.

    The Firefox 15 when installing imports add-ons from older version giving these problems of incompatibiltiy.

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