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Thread: IE 10 unable to play Youtube in background

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    IE 10 unable to play Youtube in background

    I have both windows 7 and windows 8 on same pc since consumer preview launched, but i rarely switch to windows 8. But from last couple of days am working on W8 due to some reason and got frustrated because of one thing. Its the new Internet Explorer 10. I use to listen some music on YouTube while working on PCs. But in the new windows 8, whenever i open Youtube on IE10 in background, and switch to some other application (alt + tab), Youtube stops. It gets paused itself whenever i press alt + tab, and resumes again when i get back there.

    Now as IE 10 is bit complicated i do my work on IE9 and thought to play music on IE10, but it seems to be irritating. Anyone else facing this problem is it just me or my IE 10 ? is there any way to fix it ? Please help.

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    Re: IE 10 unable to play Youtube in background

    You are correct. I guess this is not any problem but they have created it to work like this. I was actually not aware of this but after reading your post i checked the same and found that the video stops when go to other applications. But after working around i found that if you dont minimize the window it keeps on playing. What i did is i opened a new IE window, opened YouTube, dint minimized this window and continued my work on another applications. Guess what, my music dint stopped. You should try this also.

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    Re: IE 10 unable to play Youtube in background

    There are many users facing such various problems with Metro apps. Only with Metro Apps. If you guys have noticed, IE 10 wont pause/stop any video/audio streaming in background when you are working with Metro apps. If you go to the desktop or open desktop browsers, it will pause the streaming, not only from YouTube but from anywhere.

    This is something wrong or irritating technology made by Microsoft. I hope they do something about it before Oct 26th, release date of Windows 8 RTM.

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    Re: IE 10 unable to play Youtube in background

    Many users have reported this issue to Microsoft since they launched the consumer preview. hence, am sure Microsoft will fix it before its launch on October 26th. Also, the problem is not related with any other version of Internet explorer but only with Metro Internet Explorer. So, till they fix it, we can use any other version or any other browser to stream music and videos, isn't it ?

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