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Thread: How to get a valid Email Encryption support

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    How to get a valid Email Encryption support

    I am looking for a proper Email encryption solution. I was on Exchange server. But later on I shifted to some other now and using a free email service. I want some easy service through which I can encrypt my mail content and make it more secure.

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    Re: How to get a valid Email Encryption support

    Trend Micro provides you a better solution for mail encryption. I do not know how that works, but it is considered as one of the most reliable solution. The service looks is hosted on Trend Micro server through which emails are encrypted.

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    Re: How to get a valid Email Encryption support

    If you are using Thunderbird, then you can do that through PGP. This will encrypt your mails which will not be able to accessible to all. The mails is encrypted with a public key. Thunderbird is quiet easy tool that work Firefox also. You have to download GNUPGP software first to configure the encryption stuff. First download the same and then run the setup. Once you done with that you have to add the extension in Thunderbird.

    Run the mail client and click on Tools. And then click on Options > Extension and click on Extension. Add the new extension file here by locating the installation location of PGP. No in preferences you can make changes as per your need. There is a key management support provided in which you can generate a key pair. You have to click on New Key Pair inside Generate Menu. Now once you are done with that you mails is encrypted and no one can access that without your permission. This is the easiest thing you can go for without adding your mails servers on third party servers.

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    Re: How to get a valid Email Encryption support

    If you search on Google you can find ample of services that provides you powerful encryption service. But you have to buy that based on pricing support. Trend Micro is one of them and it is powerful enough to give you better protection.

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    Re: How to get a valid Email Encryption support

    I am using Hosted Email Encryption from Trend Micro. This provides you a policy based support through which you can simply block access to your confidential information. You do not need to play much with settings here. There are number of add-ons that you can try and integrate in the panel provided to you. The Hosted Mail Security is a powerful feature of enterprise and offices. You do not need to play with technical settings or security certificates here. There are less risk involved in this. The process also eliminate the issue of getting engage in complex operations.

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