I just found something interesting, tested it and thought to share with you guys. Microsoft has launched a new web based email client, can be accessed at www.outlook.com. As its name suggest, outlook.com is the mixture of Windows and MS Office. The interface is also very similar to Windows 8 tiles. You can see the screenshot i took of my account:

Apart from the all these things, Microsoft has also integrated many new features in this client where you can get all your social updates including facebook, twitter, linkedin and more right in to the Inbox. In coming future, company will also integrate Skype directly to your outlook client. It is very simple and fluid in design, can be access from any device. No matter you are on Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Outlook.com is infact the hotmail itself that has been now renamed to Outlook.com with new interface. If we open hotmail.com in our browser, it is now redirected to this new email client. So, we dont need to worry about our earlier emails as we are are going to get all of these here in Outlook.com inbox.