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Thread: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

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    cool Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    Guys what do you think which one is a better browser between Opera Mini 7 and UC Browser 8.4? I have used both of them and there are different advantages and disadvantages of each one but I have been using UC Browser 8.4 from a couple of week and I am finding it quite better. I just want you all to share your experience regarding them so that we can find out which one is actually better.

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    I agree to you on point that UC Browser 8.4 is better, I know there are several advantages and disadvantages between them but I will be pointing out the main ones, so that people can understand why I am voting for UC Browser 8.4.
    • UC offers up to 20kbps browsing speed on 2g where as Opera toggle between 10 kbps to 15kbps.
    • UC offers load the webpages faster as compared to Opera.
    • UC offers wap preload for wap sites where as Opera doesnít.
    • UC lets us resume download in case of network failure where as Opera doesnít.
    • UC provides better downloading speed as compared to Opera as well.
    • UC offers offline download and udisk(online storage) where we can transfer all downloads where as Opera doesnít.
    • UC shows download speed where as Opera doesnít.
    • UC supports uploading and shows progress bar for uploaded files as well where as Opera supports uploading but does not shows progress bar for uploaded files. Uploading speed is better in UC as compared to opera.
    • Uploading does not gets affected by network failure in UC as it gets paused and one can resume it when network is better, where as you will have to start uploading all the way from start if there is a network failure in Opera.

    I donít think that there is anything else that I need to add more for saying that UC is better. There are several other things were opera is winning clearly and the above things are enough to point their differences.

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    i suggest uc browser

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    I wonít go in that detail but I have used Opera Mini 7 and UC Browser 8.4 and I had noticed that the browsing, downloading and uploading speed of UC Browser was quite better compared to Opera Mini. The best thing that I liked in UC was the feature of resuming download and upload, even though resuming does not work for all the time. I donít think that resuming fails because of something wrong with UC but is due to the speed we get. UC is having theme support and editable interface where as Opera doesnít. I really agree to all the points that you have mentioned as I have experienced all of them.

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    I donít agree that to you both, you all have just mentioned positive aspect of UC browser, what about the negative aspects?? Anyways I will point them all.
    • Pages on facebook , twitter cannot be shared in UC browser but it can be shared in Opera since version 6
    • Opera comes with social pages which keep the page updated with fb, twitter updates but you canít find the same in UC browser
    • Opera has an intelligent recognition of files and while downloading it asks you to save in respected folders, whereas UC browser saves it in the folder that you might have set and it does not even recognize the type of file that gets downloaded.
    • Opera supports most of the sites where as UC browser come up with error for some sites.
    • Image resizing is possible in Opera and not possible in UC browser.
    • In opera image can be compressed by server but the same is not possible in UC.

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    Guys I am just listing the fields where I think opera and UC browser are winning:
    Opera Mini 7:
    1. Browsing
    2. User interface
    3. Synchronization
    4. Social integration
    5. Compatibility
    6. Support for sites

    UC Browser 8.4:
    1. Downloading
    2. Uploading
    3. System integration
    4. Backup

    If we consider overall advantages and disadvantages of both these browser then Opera Mini 7 is winning over UC Browser 8.4.

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 vs UC Browser 8.4

    I donít agree upon that, I donít know how many users might be using Opera and UC Browser but I am quite sure that people using UC Browser donít have any complain with it. On the other hand I have come across a number of people who were using Opera Mini and have switched to UC Browser as opera was not able to satisfy with their need.

    Today I think Downloading and Uploading is what matters most, I know that UC browser is not supported by most of the phones but I am quite sure it is the best browser for the phones where itís supported

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