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Thread: Opera 12 RC6 build 1467 patch information

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    Opera 12 RC6 build 1467 patch information

    At my workplace, the computer is made to be logged in as administrator and guest users. I being an employee, I have to use the guest account. We have been given permission to install new softwares and so I installed Opera 12. After installing Opera 12, I found that it wouldnít start in my computer. When logged in as administrator, the Opera 12 starts as normal and works too. I canít understand why it is happening. The tech guy at our workplace checked the user permission issues and check for Opera 12. But even he canít figure out whatís wrong. Does anyone else too has this problem or is it just me?

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    Re: Opera 12 RC6 build 1467 patch information

    You arenít alone to suffer from this problem. It is a well known fact that Opera 12 doesnít work in computer unless user is logged in using administrator account. I donít know what the cause for this problem is, but I am sure that changing the permissions or any other such stuff wonít start Opera 12. This problem is very persistent in Windows 8 and Windows 7; donít know if it works properly in Windows XP and Windows Vista. I hope the problem is reported to Opera and the developers will work on it to find a solution.

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    Re: Opera 12 RC6 build 1467 patch information

    You will find a patch for Opera 12 by name Release Candidate 6 build 1467 on Operaís website here. You can download this patch which will fix the problem of Opera 12 not working on computer if not logged in from Administrator. This problem caused by a bug which caused because the Windows installer fails to install Opera 12 on every account. The Opera 12 with this problem has been replaced and a new version will be soon put on the website for download. This patch will also add support for some more languages in the Mac version of Opera 12.

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