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Thread: mailing to mediafire company in informal way

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    mailing to mediafire company in informal way

    i have mailed like this to mediafire company email
    "Excuse me sir,

    how much file storage is provided for a free user?

    if i uploaded one movie to my mediafire account ,that file is leads to deletion?
    i have right to upload any type of file to my account, which means pirated movie?

    thank you sir"

    i have used words like "right" "pirated" in these mail
    can i use like that?

    i have mailed in illegal manner?

    what will happen to me?
    i have just ask my doubts to that company?
    and there is no reply from that company

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    Re: mailing to mediafire company in informal way

    Discussions made on Hack/Crack/Piracy are prohibited on this forums. Read rules of this forums from here - Forum Guidelines & Terms of Service.

    Thread Closed

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