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Thread: How to create easy mobile website

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    How to create easy mobile website

    I want some help to find the best way by which I can quickly create a easy mobile website. I had not started building up yet. I want to create some static website for my clients. But along with that I need a mobile version which can viewable and easy to manage. I do not want to go for any developer for this process. I think this is possible on wordpress. What are your assumptions on the same.

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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    There are two options to go for. First if you have your website active already then you will need to get a good developer who can instantly build a mobile site. Second if you had not made any sites yet then you can go with ready to use cms software. The best example that I can give you is of Vbulletin. The latest pack of this software comes with a mobile version. It works smoothly and easy to handle. The same applicable for WordPress also.

    There is a mobile site pack that comes for Wordpress. This pack is a kind of toolkit which can help you to manage your themes, widgets and operate site from phone. Yet today mobile sites are not taken into much importance. But there are ample of options that you can go for. The best you can do is download WordPress Mobile Pack. With you can configure a mobile switcher. This switcher simply switches the site theme from full version to desktop. You can see a mobile admin panel also in the back-end to configure the site details. The current theme is simple and basic to use. The site loads in lower time. You need to ensure properly that your site must be super lite. Because if it is heavier then it might not open up properly. Mobile systems have small bandwidth and everyone is not 3G. Download this pack and first test it. Then you can check for other more advance options.

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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    There is a online site called as bemobilized. This allows you instantly convert your existing site to a mobile version. The service is free to some extent only. For full version you will have to pay $9 a month.

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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    Google offers a service for that. It is called as howtogomo. The site gives you instant look for your existing portal. You can check a preview and then go for the final website. I do not know how it works, but the same is very easy to use and configure. The site makes a mobile friendly page which opens up quiet quickly on phones. Gomo has some of the best features for mobile site. To find their pricing details you will need to contact them. But the demo that I has tested was free. Rightnow Gomo is giving free 1year subscription for mobile website. There are some free templates that you can test to make your own interactive website.You just have enter the site url and click on make my website mobile. That's all, it will process the website code and open up a editor box, so that you can make necessary changes. I like the interface, it is very clean and simple to use. You can pay if you want for more value service. The editor is quiet simple and easy to use.

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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    There are many online transformation services that simply turn your existing site to a mobile version. Very easy to use and offer ample of options to promote a website. Must have a look on the same.

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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    If we go making changes coding point of view then it became a bit complicated to convert the current site entirely in a mobile version. I had tested number of such free services on web and they work quiet well. They just makes changes to the site interface and convert them into a portable mobile format. Easy to view and with all navigational features.

    If you avoid hiring a developer then I think in future if you face any error then you have to pay for that extra. Better get a good developer that can guide you with current mobile site practice. This is quiet recommended. Gomo is the one that I will too recommend. I had never seen such a easy to use to interface in making a website.

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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    Select a top excellent picture. Your "Mobile Web Banner" will be the very first thing a guest will see. It's a wise decision to keep your picture anywhere from 220 to about 320 p and keep in mind it's intended to fit on a little display.

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