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Thread: What are the option to protect online shops

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    What are the option to protect online shops

    I want help to find most effective way to protect a eCommerce website. I had seen some online service but they are charging for the same. Basically the server that I had purchased look great for this. They said they have some security measure that can protect the website and avoid any fraud incident. Other than this what more can I do.

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    Re: What are the option to protect online shops

    There are number of things that you can do. There are chances when your eCommerce website can get hacked and your consumers can face issue. You can protect them by many stuff. First you must use a very strong password. The admin panel must be protected. Many shopping cart provides you to change the admin panel url. You must do that once and do not rely on the default one. Second you must change the payment gateway password once in every month. Do not put simple password. Use special characters to make it more complicated. Change your SSL at a regular time interval.

    You must also protect your database with appropriate security measures. Get a good server and talk to your hosting provider about the same. Take assistance for online security agency for your website security. It can be risky if you try to maintain the online shop on your own. You must consult good technical assistant for the same. There are many risk that involved with a eCommerce site. In older time it was complicated to hack a site, but today due to availability of some unethical tool it has became more easier. Better keep a eye on your server activities. If you notice any unwanted changes block all accesses instantly.

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    Re: What are the option to protect online shops

    What I know that if you had purchased a good server then there are less chances of getting hacked unless your admin logins are not leaked. You must ensure that such information must stay confidential.

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    Re: What are the option to protect online shops

    When you are working on a online shop, it is required that you must maintain a secure network. Buy services from bank. They offer you a clear and better payment gateway. It is possible to add a web based firewall for your site. This firewall blocks worms, malware, virus in your sites so that nothing can be leaked out easily. Mostly the attackers tries to steal credit card data. Your database must be secured with best application and your site must be designed based on certain security standards.

    Do not go for free addons or plugins for your site which can add risk. View the source code properly one by one removing unwanted details. There are ample of standards available for handling a eCommerce website. This standards helps you to protect and manage your webshop. Encryption is another powerful stuff that you can go for. You must secure all your payment process. Everything must be under ssl and protected.

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    Re: What are the option to protect online shops

    You can go online and read about the same. I had seen hosting providers which offers you all those stuff that you need. They have built in security measuers for maximum protection.

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