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Thread: uninstall My Start without personal files getting removed

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    uninstall My Start without personal files getting removed

    There is nothing more important for me other than saving my very important personal files. I am really fed up of My Start, it has become a huge mess for me and now I wanted to somehow uninstall it from my windows XP system. Firstly My Start managed to take off my internet then it overrides my very own webpage. I don’t know what exactly went wrong with incredimail. The only solution left for me was to remove it completely from my machine. After searching a lot I found the un-installation page from the home page of Now the problem is that the un-installation procedure is fine but I am not sure about the files and data that are present in it. Over there in the uninstall page I read that all my personal files might go off completely once I select the uninstall option.

    First I want to ask you that is it really true, will all my personal stuff be lost if I click on the uninstall button? If yes, then is there not any other alternative option from which I can uninstall the and also my personal data and files are safe. Friends, please help me out and let me know what I should do.

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    Re: uninstall My Start without personal files getting removed

    I am so sorry to not help you out with this problem because even I am sailing at the same boat my dear. Even I wanted to delete and completely remove MyStart from my windows system. It has really bored and irritated me at its best. I am not sure about you case but I am in search of a proper step from past month and haven’t got a successful result which would help me to remove the app without any trouble.

    However I did found certain information and fact about the un-installation of this app. actually you should have mentioned your browser name as the application is removed in a different way with different browser that we use. I do have a Mozilla firefox 3. Its not that I never found anything about this issue, I did found number of procedures but all of them where specified to a particular browser which restricted me from following the steps. If you search on internet you will definitely find a result for removing from Internet explorer. Most of the procedures are with Internet Explorer. Anyways if there is anyone who have a proper solution for the same problem but with Firefox 3 then please let me know. No matter to what I set my home page but MyStart by Incredimail overrides automatically overrides it.

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    Re: uninstall My Start without personal files getting removed

    I must say that you are lucky enough to meet me because recently I achieved success in removing MyStart from my computer machine and you know what? I managed to get it out from my Mozilla Firefox. Just make sure that you follow my instructions properly without using or adding up anything extra from your side.
    • Open your Mozilla firefox then enter the following in the address bar of your browser and then press enter, about:config
    • Now type the following in the box opposite to the Filter, keyword.url. once you type the text you will surely get your keyword.url preference name within the list
    • Just click on that preferences name, you will now get an input box stating the following: Enter String Value
    • Now you need to do nothing but just enter the following URL in the string input box:
    • Now after entering the string press OK

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    Re: uninstall My Start without personal files getting removed

    Yeah this solution does works but there are certain issues that stay within. Let me tell you that there is nothing left from side that I haven’t tried out, even the solution that was provided to me by Incredimail. Once what I tried was first went to the browser then changed the start page and then went to the security tab through the incredimail options then unchecked two option, the first option stated to notify while any changes made to the home page settings and the second option stated about notifying if any changes is made in the default search settings. Everything went find but everything changes if I use my emails. All the suggestion shows up the same behavior, they works file only till I do not use the Incredimail but if I use the incredimail automatically the homepage reverts back to MyStart.

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    Re: uninstall My Start without personal files getting removed

    If the problem is with Internet Explorer then I am here to help you out as I have proper steps to remove the IncrediMail MyStart from Internet Explorer. Anyways it would be much better if you have Internet Explorer 7 with you because I am not sure whether my steps will be helpful for the other version IE users but however you can at least give it a try regardless of which version IE you are running. Anyways IE 7 users follow up the instruction and set other webpage as your homepage.

    • Simply open the internet explorer then enter the URL of the webpage that you want as your homepage
    • Once that webpage is opened on your browser just next to the Home icon hit the drop down list
    • In the drop down list select “Add or Change Home Page option”. After you select that option you will get a dialog box. Now within that dialog box make sure to select the option “Use this webpage as your only home page”. After selecting the option now click on the button “YES”
    • Lastly for some more precautions do not forget to follow the steps that the above friend have mentioned for notifying you about any sort of changes that will take place within your homepage settings.

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