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Thread: Opera 12 looks filled with lots of new customization features

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    Opera 12 looks filled with lots of new customization features

    Just upgraded to Opera 12. I was not aware about the upgrade unless I receive a popup no screen. So before getting a upgrade I planned to check some site what it offers. They says that this browser can be customized more. That means we can change everything here. So I want to ask you that whether I should go for the upgrade or leave the current 11.xx version. Because I am quiet happy with the current one and just for customization I do not prefer to upgrade. Will this effect the browser security. Because by customization means you are going to add images or themes in the browser. I was using Firefox and when I add themes it lags like hell. It respond so slow. It consumes more than memory. Customization in my views needs a better development where light weight skins should be introduce. I constantly share and upload stuff on internet and for that I need a smooth browser.

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    Re: Opera 12 looks filled with lots of new customization features

    Go for the upgrade. You do not need to worry about the performance. It is improve and now look very fancy. Simply upgrade it or you can install from scratch also. But by upgrading you get your preference back.

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    Re: Opera 12 looks filled with lots of new customization features

    The new version of Opera comes with better color support. Anyhow Opera has made more gui friendly themes to give it a distinct look. It is more easier and faster to customize the look of this browser now. It is right that you can use your webcam in opera 12. I don't know how but this browser can be used to capture your images and upload to photo booth. There are three tools called as Photo Booth, Polariod and Facekat. You need a webcam to use this apps. Talking about the security features Opera is more better now. You can simply mark sites on the base of security. Opera also has advance over HTML5 and CSS3 websites which looks very poor on other browser. You can check the difference between other browser and Opera. There are some more thing which are still under experience and I think the coming version will give you all the final version. Opera is bit more secure in compare to other browser. With enhance version you get a more secure way to protect your privacy.

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    Re: Opera 12 looks filled with lots of new customization features

    Opera is actually good in viewing rich html5 file. I had notice a number of time that when you load such site opera crashes instantly. But as the new version has more fixes this sites works a bit better. It takes quiet less time to laod and run those sites. HTML5 rendering needs better browser to handle rich media files. Because of which many prefer to go with a 16bit version of web browser.Second plugins are more compatible so you do not require to get worried about crashing stuff. For Mac opera is far more better than other browsers.

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