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Thread: How to fix Aw Snap! error message on Google chrome

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    How to fix Aw Snap! error message on Google chrome

    While using Chrome I faced this error message called as Aw Snap!. It is now occurs frequently. First I was using my office site when the error appeared. I thought the issue might be with the website. But the same then appear on yahoo also. Does anyone is getting the same error. How to fix this. I have lots of plugins installed in chrome. So re-installing it will remove them and it will take time to install all of them one by one back again. Thanks.

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    Re: How to fix Aw Snap! error message on Google chrome

    The error appear because of some security software in your system blocking the connectivity. You have to check that Google Chrome is not blocked by any of those security software. To ensure that any kind of antivirus or firewall software is not doing that you have to first turn them off. Once that is done you can then simply check one by one opening each page. If it works fine then go in your antivirus settings and add Google Chrome under the exception list. The same you have to do for firewall also. The most common antivirus because of which this issue appear is Spyware Doctor, Comodo firewall, McAfee Enterprise & Virus Scan. If still the error appear then second thing you can do is check your browser extensions. Go in Tools > Extension. Temporarily remove those which you are not using. You can also keep a list of extension in your browser, so that if you need to re-install it, you can add those extension again. Disable them for sometime and check back.

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    Re: How to fix Aw Snap! error message on Google chrome

    I think you can get rid of this message by making a new user profile in the browser. There are possiblity that existing profile is corrupted because of which you are not able to do the changes. For that first exit Google Chrome. Then go in your Documents and Setting folder where you can see the user folder. Inside that look for Chrome folder inside Application data > Google. Remmove files from User data. Then run chrome and tell back.

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    Re: How to fix Aw Snap! error message on Google chrome

    This is because of Symantec tool. I am sure you are using antivirus from Symantec. To fix that you have to disable Symantec Endpoint tool and then use Google Chrome. I found that there is a patch released by Symantec to fix the issue.

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