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Thread: How to over-ride "autocomplete=off" parameter in Firefox

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    How to over-ride "autocomplete=off" parameter in Firefox

    I really get very much frustrated when Firefox remembers the passwords i use on the browser. because every time it asks me to save and i feel that it can be shared or leaked. Am afraid because i have some of the passwords which are really sensitive. So i wanted to know if there is any kind of possibility for Mozilla Firefox to ignore "autocomplete=off" parameter of a form-tag. If there is any way to do so, please let me know as soon as possible.

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    Re: How to over-ride "autocomplete=off" parameter in Firefox

    Yes you can ignore this by using two methods. First one is using "Remember Password" bookmarklet. Try and use this bookmarklet before sending the form with your password in it. because when you send the form, your browser must ask you to remember the password; you will have to click "Yes".

    Now that your browser has your password, it would ignore autocomplete="off", and so from then it will be not necessary to use bookmarklet every time you visit site.

    And the second method is to use Greasemonkey user script.

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