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Thread: superfish blank page opening on firefox browser frequently

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    superfish blank page opening on firefox browser frequently

    last week i downgraded my Firefox to v3.5 because of few Add-on compatibility with FF4. Rest things are working fine except a problem since i downgraded to this. As i usually work on Internet, i have my homepage set to but whenever i launch the browser i get blank page with superfish .com in the address bar. Why is that so ??

    After a few research i found that it is a kind of plugin but i dont have anything related to it with my Firefox 3.5 than what is it doing with my browser ?

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    Re: superfish blank page opening on firefox browser frequently

    This is a very common issue. I have McAfee Total Protection in my system. When I got the same thing, I scanned with McAfee. It did detected any kind of malware in my system. But still I had seen some of my websites are redirected to superfish. It looks that this thing has something to do with dns or or my ip. I had seen some of the sites redirect me automatically to different website. After formatting system the issue does not appear back.

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    Re: superfish blank page opening on firefox browser frequently

    What I found about this infection is that it is somekind of .js script which is in your system. That cause redirection to superfish. I am trying to find the location where it is located, but cannot find it. I had used hijackthis also, but in the log report generated, no information is mentioned related to .js file. I had installed a tool bar because of which this thing appeared in my system. But the same is not detected as a threat in my antivirus. I had downloaded microsoft defender for this which also finds it clean. The last thing I am going to do is to re-install my browser. It is recommended that you must not install an kind of tool bar in your system.

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