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Thread: Firefox browser hangs due to Widdit

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    Firefox browser hangs due to Widdit

    Can any one help me here regarding Widdit and Firefox ? I am using Firefox 4 as my default web browser. Am actually using it from a long time now, but from last couple of days i started getting a strange problem. Whenever i try to browser any website, my Firefox starts freezing or gets stuck on loading. When i see to the loading bar it always show "Transfeing data from". What is widdit ? And why is it freezing my browser ?

    For example, am attaching a screenshot i got while opening your techarena forums, have a look:

    Can you guys help me out for this ?? Or should i quit using Firefox ?

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    Re: Firefox browser hangs due to Widdit

    To get rid of that you will need to create a new profile. It is a malware and there is no actual way to get rid of that. You will need to scan your system with different anti-malware. Try to scan under safe mode also. If still it shows the same run hijackthis. After a while it will generate a log file. Check in log file any service or app you had installed recently causing this issue. Remove it and then check back. Also disable any addons if you want from your browser and check one more.

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    Re: Firefox browser hangs due to Widdit

    It is a virus. Scan your system, you will surely find the list of trojans in your system. And if you antivirus fails to detect it, then simply scan it under safe mode. Widdit modifies your system registry files. Because of which your system can crash. Also the file is responsible of collecting your personal information. Anyhow this is a threat and you must not ignore it. First I will recommend you to keep a backup of your important files. Second boot in safe mode and scan your system. If possible you can try some kind of bootable antivirus CD.

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